Thursday, December 2, 2010


I once read that the shoes a crossdresser owns would make a street walker blush.  I have also read about how crossdressers will wear shoes that are completely inappropriate for the situation.  I must confess that I have been guilty of the later, but not so much the former.  My shoe collection is about normal for a woman.  Well for a woman that likes to wear heels, as many of my shoes have heels.

The highest pair of heels that I have is a two and half inch, or maybe a 3 inch pair of heels.  They are very pretty but i don't wear them out of the house.  The main reason I don't wear them anywhere is because they are too big for me to walk comfortably in.  And that is one of my most important things, to be comfortable.  I will wear heels, and most of my heels are actually comfortable to wear.  Unless of course I am going to be in them for more than about 8 hours or I will be walking a lot.  But my tallest heels, I can only wear them for a little bit, like about an hour.  After that my feet just can't take it.

The most comfortable heels I own are 2 inch heels.  In a two inch heel, I can wear them for just about as long as I would like to wear them.  Now would two inch heels make a street walker blush, I don't think so!

Ok, but have a worn inappropriate shoes for the situation?  Maybe, well probably.  I have probably done that on more than one occasion.  I do it less and less often though, due to wanting to blend in with the average woman.  I will say though that it is hard to nor wear heels just about everywhere.  If I am going to a museum, or if I am going to be walking around a lot, then I will wear flats, or sneakers even.  But if not, then I will probably wear a heel.  I just love the way my legs look when I am in a heel.

To other crossdressers out there, I would have to say think about the shoes you are wearing, will they make you stick out of the crowd and are they really appropriate for the situation?


  1. as a guy who appreciates seeing lovely legs (like yours) i am one who likes seeing ladies wear heels, too, one because they are sexy and two, because of how if really defines a lady's leg!

    1. Thank you for the complement on my legs. They are one of my favorite features!

      Heels really do add definition to legs. I am amazed at the difference of how my legs looks in flats vs heels.


    2. you are most welcome! glad you appreciate it! don't let anyone tell you different--you have awesome legs! you have every reason to like them! :)