Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have tried many different things to remove my body hair but by far the easiest, the quickest, the most reliable is the old fashioned method of shaving.  Many people hate shaving but there are also many benefits of it when compared to the other options available.  Like waxing for example.  Waxing has great results but it is so painful.  I know, I know, it gets less painful the more that you do it, but waxing my chest is so painful that it brings tears to my eyes.  It hurts so bad that I just can't keep up with it.  I also hate that it is not perfect.  I expect that if I am going to go through that much pain to get rid of my hair, I want it to be perfect.  I want the results to be ultra smooth, soft, silky, skin.  But alas when I wax it pulls out most of the hair, but breaks off many others and the very next day I have stubble, especially on my chest.  So due to the imperfect results, I choose to wax only occasionally.

Next would be depilatories.  I have tried many of these different products but the time between removing the hair and burning my skin seems to be about a nanosecond apart.  I've tried using them, but generally I do not like the results.

So shaving is my go to choice.  Initially I would only shave about once a month, whenever I decided to dress as a woman.  This created many problems for me.  The number one problem is that my legs and my armpits were so sensitive that shaving irritated my skin almost as much as depilatories.  It also would take me about one to two hours to shave my entire body, which took way too long.

The trick to shaving is to keep up with it.  If you are going to want your hair to be gone, you need to commit to it.  I now shave something just about every single day.  I try to shave each of my body parts about twice per week.  A few years ago I would have never thought about shaving my armpits more than once a month, but now I shave them about two to three times per week and it is probably the only way I would have it.  Because I shave all of my body parts so frequently, my skin has become much more accustomed to it and generally is not irritated at all.  The other great thing about shaving so often is that I am very quick and good at it.  I can now shave everything by myself with very good results, and very few nicks.

I suppose that I am a lucky crossdresser in that I do not need to shave my back.  Woo-hoo, yeah for the little things.

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