Monday, December 6, 2010

Outfit for 12/6/10

Blouse - Liz Claibourne
Skirt - Mossimo - Target
Shoes - Nine West

I was thinking the other day about this blog and my purpose for writing it.  I realized that my goal in doing this is to try and help other crossdressers to see that they do not have to dress like trashy women.  Not that all crossdressers do, but many do dress that way.  And then they wonder why people stare at them when they go out in public, or they wonder why they feel uncomfortable going out in public dressed in women's clothes.

What I would really like for other men to see is that you can dress as a normal woman, and when you do dress as a normal woman, you will be accepted as a woman.  When you go out dressed as a trashy woman, then men will stare at you, because they are checking you out, and then get pissed because generally they will eventually always be able to tell that you are a man, and women will stare at you and be pissed because you are representing them poorly.  It's fine for a real woman to dress trashy, because there are trashy women.  They do exist and for some reason that seems to be okay.  Guys often like looking at them, because trashy women often show way too much cleavage, and guys like boobs.  Girls will still often look down upon trashy women because of how they represent their own gender.

The thing is that many crossdressers have a goal of passing, but they do not dress appropriately for the situation.  The outfit I am wearing in the picture is a good outfit for going out to dinner.  It is not the best outfit for going to the beach, or for mowing the lawn.  You really need to know where to wear the clothes you want to wear.  There is a time and place for many clothing items.  Many of the clothes I own I will never wear outside.  Besides the fact that some things I like are not appropriate for my almost 40 year old age, they are just not right to wear out in public, if you do not want people staring at you.

Think about what you wear, and wear things appropriately.  That is one of my main goals in sharing my life with you all.  Hopefully I can help educate crossdresser and straight people alike.

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