Monday, December 20, 2010

Outfit for 12/20/2010

Shoes - A.N.A - Forget
Skirt - Guess
Blouse - I removed the tag but I think it is Liz Claiborne
Necklace - I forget

Wow I really don't remember where I got most of this outfit from, but I certainly remember the skirt.  I know for darn sure that I got the skirt from guess.  It is possibly my favorite skirt out of all that I have.  It is might favorite because of the cut of the skirt.

I love how it cuts in right above my knees.  The cut of the skirt itself helps give the illusion of curves.  I am pretty sure that I am wearing small padded hips with this skirt, but it is mostly the cut of the skirt itself that really helps accentuate the hips.  I own possibly one other skirt that makes it look as though I actually have hips and that would be a stretchy tight black skirt that has a very similar cut where it squeezes in right above my knees.But this skirt has that cute little flair right at my knees that adds a dimension of curves.

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