Friday, December 10, 2010

Outfit for 12/10/2010

Blouse - Mossimo - Target
Shorts - Mossimo - Target
Black Under Shorts - Maidenform
Shoes - Converse - Name Brand Shoes

These shorts that I am wearing I originally purchased just for me to wear around the house because I thought that they were too short.  And I thought that they were too tight to be able for me to hide Mr. Happy.  I haven't talked about Mr. Happy yet and the dressing concerns that are brought about by wearing women's clothes and having Mr. Happy.  I hope you know what I am talking about in referencing Mr. Happy, if not, then what is something that guys have that women don't?

Okay, so now that we are hopefully clear about the topic, we can discuss a little how I handle him in terms of clothes.  First off, I generally don't ever tuck.  Tucking gives a great look and yet it is often too uncomfortable to have him tucked for an entire day of walking and sitting and living.  The main thing I do with him, is nothing.  I really just like to wear clothes that help me to hide him.  For example the shirt I have on above hangs a little low and works very well to hide the bulge in my shorts.  That is my very favorite thing to do with him.  Leave him alone and wear a top that is long enough to cover him.  I don't like to have him on display as I do not think it is a very feminine look.

The other thing I am doing in the picture above is to wear a pair of under shorts that are tighter than normal and they help to compress things down.  Also they are a little longer than those very short shorts and prevents it from looking as though I am wearing a pair of daisy dukes!

I really like the outfit above and was very comfortable for a day walking around a museum and hanging out on a warm summer day.

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