Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As a male I have often felt small, but once I investigated I found out that I am actually average.  I am about 5'9", I normally weigh between 150 - 170 lbs and I wear a men's size 9 shoe.  I have always felt confident in choosing my sizes in my male clothes, but I haven't always been right about them.  Initially I would generally choose large size clothes because I thought I was large.  One day while watching some show on TV I heard the hosts mention that people should wear the right size clothes and I started paying attention to how my clothes fit me and not just what I thought would fit me.  Low and behold I found out most of my clothes did not fit me.  I was wearing large size dress shirts to work and actually I should be wearing smalls.  But sometimes I should be wearing mediums and only occasionally for only certain shirts should I be wearing larges; say for like an oversize sweatshirt.

What did all of that teach me about clothes?  The size is irrelevant; what is important is the fit.  And this is even more important when it comes to women's clothes.  I have tried on so many different sizes of women's clothes and I have begun to completely ignore the tag sizes.  In tops I own mostly mediums, a few larges, and maybe a couple of smalls.  But when it comes to bottoms, it is even more confusing.  For pants and shorts, I have fit into 6's, 7's, and 8's.  But in skirts the sizes are more like 10, 12, or 14's.

What I have learned is that the tag sizes are just a guide, a general guide.  What you really need to do is grab a bunch of different sizes and go try them on.  Don't just grab one size and then say that it looks bad when it doesn't fit; try on a different size.  What you need to learn is regardless of the size, when clothes fit they look good.  Nobody can read the tag when you are wearing it.  Nobody knows the size when it is on you.  But it is obvious when clothes do not fit well.  And that is one of the biggest mistakes that men make when wearing women's clothes; the clothes do not actually fit them.  I think that many guys, just like many women, think that they will look smaller if the clothes they wear are smaller.  Not so!  Clothes will look better when they fit.

But I suppose this also gets into the fact that most guys that wear women's clothes do not want to try them on at the store.  Well at times I have been there also.  For example, I hate trying on clothes at Walmart.  I really do not like going into a Walmart as it is.  So generally I will buy two or three pairs of pants, in different sizes, go home, try them on, and return the ones that do not fit.  Don't worry about what people will think.  Don't worry about buying women's clothes, there are lots of reasons why a guy might buy women's clothes.  The other thing that I have done is have been dressed as a guy, and taken women's clothes into a male's dressing room and tried them on.  As a person paying for the clothes you are buying you have the right to be able to buy whatever clothes you would like to buy.  You are the consumer.  You need to exercise your rights as such!  Okay so the last thing I have done, and this is by far my favorite, I will go shopping while dressed as a woman.  Then I take as many clothes as I want into the dressing room.  When they don't fit I go get another item in a different size.  Then I only buy what I want to buy and I go home with clothes that I like.

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