Friday, November 12, 2010


Boots - Steve Madden - Factory Brand Shoes
Skinny Jeans - Mossimo - Target 
Blouse -Liz Claiborne

I have worn the jean and boot combo before, and I am sure that I will wear those two items over and over and over again some more.  I really like the combo of those two items.  But in this photo I also really like the look of this top.  The white section circling my waist  really emphasizes it and makes me look extra hippy.  I like this shirt on me, but the way it emphasizes the hips is something that surprises me in women's wear as I don't generally know a lot of women that like having their hips appear even larger.  It is great for those of us that aren't very hippy and actually want our hips to look larger.  My hand on my hip also emphasizes having hips and I also have a small amount of padding under the jeans.  But in this photo I think the skinny jeans with the combo of that particular coloring of the top really makes the hips pop!

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