Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Outfit for 11/30

Shoes - Nine West
Tights - Target
Mini Skirt - Levis
Top - Mossimo - Target

So what do you think about short skirts.  I once heard that if you are older than 30 you should not wear a skirt that is more than a couple of inches higher than your knees.  I own a couple of short skirts and I generally wear this one more than the other one.  Though I have not ever worn either one of them outside of the house.  I would be way to paranoid to wear such a short skirt out of the house.  Also, my philosophy is to wear clothes that are appropriate for the time and place and I just have never found an appropriate time and place for an almost forty year old woman to be wearing such a short skirt.

Though I do like to wear it for fun while I am at home.

Thoughts from you?

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