Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outfit for 11/24

Ankle Boots - Nine West
Pants - LEI from Walmart
Sweater - Mossimo - Target
Recently my wife and I were talking about blue jeans and I mentioned to her about how many pairs of jeans walmart actually has.  I know, I know, walmart.  How exactly is walmart fashionable?  It isn't exactly fashionable but then again maybe it is.  I have found that it is not were you buy your clothes, but rahter how you wear your clothes.  Also, as a male I am not trying to say that I know everything there is to know about women's fashion.  But what I do now about is how to dress like a woman and not a streetwalker.  
I think that many men that dress as women don't wear regular clothes.  They wear clothes that are over the top feminine, and generally completely inappropriate for the situation.  And then many of them wonder why people stare at them as they walk down the street or try to do normal things and go to normal places. 

Many men that dress as women have as their ultimate goal to pass as a woman.  If you can't figure out what this means; it means they don't want anyone to notice that they are a man dressed in women's clothes.  Personally I have never really had this as my ultimate goal, as I don't really think that is actually possible.  But I do think it is possible to pass as a woman. 
Wait a minute, that sounds pretty contradictory.  Well here is what I mean. 

I think that if people really look at me for a while, and definitely when they talk to me, they will know I am a man.  I do a relatively good job as dressing as a woman, but the bottom line is I am a man and I will never look like a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader!  So then how could I pass as a woman?  By acting like a woman, thinking of myself as a woman, dressing as a normal woman, and blending into the crowd.  The thing about people is that most people don't really look at others.  We look at people, but when we are all out doing our own thing most of us are too involved in our own lives to really pay much attention to anyone around us, unless of course they are doing something completely inappropriate for the situation, like say wearing a miniskirt and stilettos when you're going out for breakfast.
So yes I shop at walmart and buy normal clothes and go do normal things wearing clothes appropriate for the situation and I have never once had a crowd of people circling around me, pointing, laughing, and ridiculing me for being a man dressed as a woman.

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