Sunday, November 28, 2010

Outfit 11/28

Boots - Steve Madden - Factory Brand Shoes
Jeans - LEI - Walmart
Black shirt - Tissue Tee - Mossimo - Target
Dress - Moreno - Target

So this was my thanksgiving outfit.  I picked up the dress at Target the week before thanksgiving and thought it would look cute on me while I cooked the dinner.  I really liked all the colors in the dress, which you can't really see in this picture.  Originally when I put on the dress that morning I tried it on with some black leggings.  I like the leggings I have, but something just did not look right about that combo so I tried it on with the jeans and it looked worlds better.  Some times you just need to try things on to see how they will really look.  Often my wife will show me some clothing item and ask me what I think of it and I will tell her that I have no idea until I see it on her.  Then she will put it on and and ask me again.  Often again I will tell her I don't know because how she is wearing it or what she is wearing it with doesn't work so then I will have her go change her other clothes so I can really see how it all works together and give her my honest opinion about whether she should keep what she has purchased.

Trying clothes on can be a real PITA, but if you don't want to waste your money and you want your clothes to look good, then you really should go through the hassle of all of this yourself.  One of the best ways to tell how something looks while you are wearing it, try taking pictures of yourself while wearing it and then take a look at the pictures.  Pictures don't lie.

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