Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Divergent Agendas

Here is an example of the duality of my life and the beautiful blend that is also my life.

The other day I decided to get rid of the dresser that held my girl clothes.  The dresser at one point was owned by my mother in law.  My wife and I were offered the dresser and I agreed to accept it because I thought it would be good to keep my girl clothes in.  It has done that job very well since the time that I got it but I needed to get it out of our bedroom because of the connection it had to my wife's mom.  My wife has recently been trying to work through how her parents raised her and it has been very upsetting for her, me, and our marriage.

Due to this, the other day I took all of my girl clothes out of my dresser and, having no place else to put them, I put them on the couch in my bedroom.  I took the dresser out and then realized that our nightstands were also gifts from my wife's mom.  It was then and there that I decided I needed to get my wife's family furniture out of my bedroom.  I then took the nightstands out of our bedroom.

Now in my bedroom, my girl clothes have been stuffed into my other dresser, and our bedside clocks are sitting on buckets next to our bed.  It was about then that I realized I needed to get moving on the rest of my many projects.  For a while now I have been very slowly working on building a cherry wood bedroom set for my wife and I.  So far I have built a dresser for myself and my wife.  They are beautiful.  I love them both.  And now I have begun building nightstands.

And when those are done, I need to begin on the second dresser for myself; for all of my girl clothes.  I find this to be rather odd and yet wonderful.

I need a dresser for my girl clothes, so I can house all of my clothes that I like to wear while dressed as a girl, so one of the things I love to do while dressed as a guy is to build furniture, so I am going to build a dresser for myself.

I find this to be a crazy dualism and yet a lovely thing about being a crossdresser.

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